Our Dedicated Staff

     We have been blessed with a wonderful staff here at God's Garden.  Our teachers have been with us for a number of years and they know that it takes lots of smiles, hugs and encouragement to teach children academic as well as social skills.

      Our dedicated staff, with it's vast experience, brings to life a strong curriculum which includes colors, shapes, spatial relationships, rhyming, letter and number concepts.  Roll playing, games, songs and movement are important activities in the daily schedule also.  Strengthening your child's socialization skills and helping them gain independence plays a vital role in preparing your child for kindergarten.

      We feel very fortunate to have the following staff at God's Garden:

Mary Mancini - Director (19 years)

Sherry Hill - President/Advisor (retired Lead Teacher) (22 years)

Julia Pogue - Lead Teacher 4 Year Class (1 Year) 

Janet Slater - Lead Teacher 3 Year Class (18 years)

Gail Ryder - Asst. Teacher (21 years)

Joan Deswert - Asst. Teacher (18 years)

Andrew Smith - Asst. Teacher (8 years)

Jamika Munn - Asst. Teacher (1 year) 

Dena Stefenack - Asst. Teacher/substitute  (2 years) 

Vickie Clugston - Secretary/Bookkeeper (22 years)